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And now for something completely different...
The waters of Loch Ness have always attracted cranks, crackpots and pseudo-intellectuals each with their own theories and ideas about Loch Ness and what lies beneath it's waters.

One site that presents several (tongue-in-cheek) articles about the Loch is the Loch Ness Internet Exhibition. A site which pokes a little fun at the so called "experts" and their theories!


...The dreaded Piranha Midges that hunt the shores of Loch Ness, stripping flesh from small mammals in seconds.

...The hidden vents of an active super volcano lying in the depths of the waters - complete with whole new species of sulphur eating plankton.
...The shocking new 'evidence' that Nessie hunts on land, out of the waters of Loch Ness.

Not to mention..

.. UFO Crash Landings, a new theory about the extinction of the dinosaurs, completely new underwater species and even a full blown alien invasion!

And don't forget to check out his new interactive PaddockCam
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